Network Engineering

With a good maneuverability, proven technologies and knowledge, we are able to build high-quality networks for you.

Carefully help you with LAN wiring work, server configuration and management, firewall and VPN settings and configuration and maintenance of a secure network to meet your needs.

Just let us to do ALL of your wiring work in your office. Free for consulting and inspecting.

Feel free to contact us even with a small-scale work. We will find the risks in your network and help you improve the operation and management of network.

Result of Network Engineering

TelWel East Japan Corporation
Network configuration, operation and maintenance
Netmeishi Inc.
Flets Group Access Service
Koto Engraving Corporation.
Flets Group Access Service
Obun Printing Company, Inc.
Network configuration, operation and maintenance

Feel free to contact us if your have the following problems

  • ● Network unstable, but have no idea about the reason
  • ● Antivirus measures adopted, but unsure about the effect
  • ● In-company network not quipped
  • ● Needing help on the LAN wiring work and operation and maintenance of network while changing the lay-out of your office
  • ● Considering transmitting data between branch offices but worrying about the security
  • ● Considering reviewing the current high-cost network