Case of ARcube: Atena Cooperation

The expert of DM,logistics and contact center, Atena, is using ARcube for their BUSINESS.

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After Introducing ARcube


Structure of ARM



What made you to use ARcube?

Our company is helping many enterprises with their direct marketing and is providing proposals to increase the response rate of the DM or catalogs from our contomers.
When I was studying direct marketing in America, there was a case using the AR technology to increase the response rate of DM and catalogs.
I predicted that it would become popular in Japan as well, so I started to look for applications that could help us to start our AR service, and we found ARcube.

What are the changes after the introduction?

We started our service when AR was not popular in Japan and many companies shew interests in it.
We even got customers asking us to do all the procedures including marker design and create contents like animations and 3D contents.
Furthermore, we got inquiries from customers that we were unable to touch during our normal services and it has increased our earnings.

What is your future plan?

Firstly, we will continue to provide proposals to increase the response rate of the DM and catalogs from our current customers with our ARM and we are looking forward to finding new customers with it.
Secondly, since there is being more and more promotions using AR, we hope to provide proposals on the distinctive contents of our customers.
What about the chat function? It is said that cases that EC companies in America using chat functions are increasing. I think if we could ask about the products with a chat window shown along with the details after scanning the photo of the product, it would help us increase our earnings.
We will continue to increase our ARM to meet the needs of our customers in the future.