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What is ARcube?

An operation manual for the admin page will be sent to you after contracting. Besides, we will provide you support through telephone, mail or on-site service.

Advantages of ARcube

Easy to make AR
We provide easy-to-understand admin page for you to use AR on your own. Only 10 seconds with your markers and contents!
Quickly change your pictures to AR!
You can easily set your logo or the pictures or packages of your products on your catalogs or pamphlets. You do not have to print any QR code on them.
No cost while changing/updating your contents!
You can change your contents on your own at the admin page on the cloud. Quickly update your contents without any cost.
Lowest initial cost for AR application!
Before, you had to spend more than 1.5 million JPY to build your own application. Besides, the monthly rental fee, maintenance fee and renewal fee of the server are extremely high. With our cloud-based program, the initial cost can be reduced.
Feel free within the space limitations!
You can use it for your own, or provide it to your customers as a service!
You can freely create different accounts within the space limitations!


Plans Standard Premium
Fee 30,000JPY/mo 50,000JPY/mo
Initial Fee 50,000JPY 50,000JPY
Capacity 10GB 10GB
Maximum of Markers 100 Pcs 200 Pcs
Own Application
Multiple Accounts
Functions and Contents
Admin Functions
Plans Business Lite Business Business Professional
Fee 100,000JPY/mo 200,000JPY/mo 300,000JPY/mo
Initial fee 150,000JPY 150,000JPY 150,000JPY
Capacity 10GB 10GB 10GB
Maximum of Markers 200 Pcs 100 Pcs 200 Pcs
Own Application
Multiple Accounts
Functions and Contents
Admin Functions
  • * Generally for 6-month or longer contract.
  • * While changing plans after contracting, 50,000JPY will be charged as renewal fee.

Compared to competitors

Various functions only in ARcube


Starting from
30,000JPY monthly
AR Recognition Rate ◎
3D ○
Competitor A
AR Recognition Rate ×
3D ×
Competitor B
AR Recognition Rate ○
3D ○
Competitor C
Starting from
34,000JPY monthly
AR Recognition Rate △
3D ×

* According to in-company investigation in June 2014.

ARcube Application

Download the application for iPhone&iPad or Android for free. Start your AR life soon after your registration!

Your Own Application (OEM)

ARcube can be released as your own application. For those who want to build applications with AR but have no time and money, why not contact us! You can use your own icons and logos.

Multiple Accounts

You can create multiple accounts for the admin page for uploading AR markers and contents. You can provide ARcube for your customers as your own service or manage your AR contents by departments or usages within your company.

Case.1 ARcube as your own service


Case.2 ARcube used within your company by departments


ARcube Analytics

Features of the admin page

You can not only upload and edit your contents and accounts, but also analyze your contents. With the analysis of content access, you will be able to promote more effectively!


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